Band Collar Kaftan | Saturated Cinnabar Red hand~ loom silk, silk multi flora embroidery

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Saturated Cinnabar silk band collar  Kaftan Dress with new Multi flora embroidery in blush, sage, & sienna


This new Cinnabar silk kaftan dress with a double barrel embroidered sleeve hand~dyed & embellished with more custom exquisite embroidery.  It is available for pre~order now! Ships Nov 15th.This is a exquisite hand-dyed Kaftan in The finest hand~loom silk. The banded color & split neck is chic chic! Winding full blown custom embroidery crates a luxe. The double barrel balloon sleeve is finished with a hand rolled button and substantial cuff.  A dramatic front slit finishes the look…  Great to feature a little leg and a fab shoe! 55” long.


Sized S-M-L-XL


chest is shoulder similar to Paloma sizing.