Emerald Silk Kaftan Top - sueanu
Emerald Silk Kaftan Top - sueanu

Emerald Silk Kaftan Top

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Emerald 32" Silk Kaftan Top with Sash and Belt Loop


This is a beautiful 32" Kaftan top in Emerald silk with a sash and belt loop.


One size fits most. Sizing is made to be generous and comfortable to provide ease of movement. 

Width: 38" horizontally

Inseam (where the Kaftan meets your body): 23" one way at the chest and 25" one way at the hip.  The inseam is angled for the most flattering drape.

Armhole: 11"


Customization of sizing, colors, and lengths is available. To learn more about custom orders CLICK HERE.  

If you have any questions please email us at hello@sueanu.com or click the Facebook Messenger Icon on your screen.  


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