About The Sue Sartor Flounce Dress™

The Sue Sartor Flounce Dress™ is our best selling style for a reason. Based on a comfy kaftan concept, it allows ease of movement and absolute comfort- but still a put together, sophisticated look. You'll reach for this reliable + versatile closet favorite again and again. Dress the flounce way up or pait it back with tennis shoes for a casual chic look!

The Special Details

Hand-stamped custom blockprints

Blockprinting is a traditional printing technique where ink is transferred onto textiles with hand-carved engravings. Our well known flounce dresses each have more than 8 different block printed patterns, individually created by artisans, and then stitched together to make your final garment.

"Every time I wear one of Sue Sartor's colorful, chic, and joyful dresses, I get stopped on the street--where did you get that? They provide instant cheer, and for ease of wear and packability when traveling, cannot be beat."

Jaqueline Gifford, Travel & Leisure Editor & Chief