Giving Back

It is important to give back to our communities both globally and locally. Along with designer Cynthia Cazort Collins, I founded the Global Market Collective in New Orleans with the purpose of giving back to Café Reconcile, a non profit helping at risk young adults to learn the skills necessary to work in the restaurant industry. At our first market,  20 innovative makers participated in our collective and we were able to give back $10,000. Most of our pop-ups are designed with a charity in mind.  We participated in Pop-Up Fabulous! A glorious mix of innovative designers and artisans in Memphis, TN to benefit the incredible work of Region One Health. I am also committed to helping the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi & Kenya. I want to help elephants orphaned due to poaching and other tragedy have a safe and healthy life.  So far, we have adopted Tesuja who was orphaned by poaching in the Masai Mara region and Tamiyoi who was miraculously rescued in Northern Kenya at the bottom of a water well. We love our elephant babies. We hope to continue to adopt elephants as the business grows. You will see us run specials from time in hopes of supporting worthwhile causes such as these. SUE SARTOR donates on average an additional $2500 in product quarterly to local fundraisers and other causes dear to our heart. My goal is to eventually be able to give back to each community that we produce our garments in, in a meaningful and specific way.


 Global Market Collective



The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


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